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Look beyond religion in 2023, group urges Nigerians



A pro Igbo group, Ogbako Umunwanyi Igbo Worldwid has urged the electorate to look beyond ethnics and religious basis in electing Nigeria’s next president in 2023.

The group stressed that instead of considering religious and ethnic sentiments, the voters should vote for any of the presidential candidates who had the capacity to ending insecurity, corruption, institutional breakdown and extreme poverty.

The group’s President and founder, Ifeoma Okpara -Nwadike, in a chat with journalists in Owerri, the Imo state capital, on Sunday, said Nigeria doesn’t need a president who would deepen ethnic and religious dichotomy in the country.

She urged the youths to use the opportunities the next general elections provides to take back their country by electing a president of their choice.

Nwadike lamented how youths in the country were being sidelined in governance and other areas of human endeavours.

She said, “Every electioneering period they recycle the same old leaders, doing the same harm to our country. They say the youths are the leaders of tomorrow but look at those youths are roaming around in abject poverty.

“Lots of them have worked so hard to aquire education but they can’t find good jobs and they go abroad to seek for greener pastures. Some of them have even died in the wilderness trying to better their lives and family. For how long are we going to be like this and for how long will Nigeria continue to bleed and continue to neglect our youths?. The future of our country is at take.

“How much are we owing indebt in Nigeria. The money borrowed what was it used for? Was it for electricity or good road, factories? Where have we strived as a country? I don’t know if we ask ourselves this questions.

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“The 2023 election is around the corner. It’s not about a political party. Political Parties have nothing to contribute to good governance.

“Everything that has to do with good governance is centered around good head carrying the governance of the country. A knowledgeable head, a credible head that has vision and mission to deliver good governance to the people of Nigeria. That’s the personality we should lookout for and not political parties . This time around is not for politicians but for Nigerians.

“If you are a Nigeria get up from your slumber. We can’t be doing same thing and expect a different result unless we take a stand to make it better.

“We want to obediently stop the bleeding of Nigeria. We want to obediently restore security of lives and property in the country. We want to obediently empower our women and youths .We want to obediently make Nigeria a place of pride and the giant of Africa.

“So get you PVC and get ready to vote and when you vote get ready to defend it. To the Youths of Nigeria this is your time to act . it is now or never. The change we desire for our country is right here with us.”

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