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Agitation: Charles Ogbonnaya calls on Igbos to support President Tinubu



Seeks Nigeria’s Return to 1963 Constitution

An Elder Statesman and former Commissioner in Abia State, Chief Charles Ogbonnaya has advocated Nigeria’s return to the defunct 1963 Constitution as a means of solving the current economic and political problems in the country.

He said because the said Constitution encouraged regional governments to develop at their pace, there would not be much concentration of power at the Centre.

” The current infighting over which geo political zone produces the president will no longer be there because the Centre will be weak while each region controls its resources “, he argued.

Chief Ogbonnaya who spoke against the backdrop of agitations for the restructuring of the country, noted that once Nigeria returns to the 1963 Constitution, the struggle for power at the Centre and competition for the control of resources will fizzle out.

According to him, Nigeria recorded a quantum leap in economic development when, according to the 1963 Constitution, the regions flourished by being in charge of their resources.

Said he,”The North had their groundnut pyramids. The West had their cocoa while the East had their palm. If we should recall, there was an accelerated development before we now adopted this Constitution that concentrates power and management of resources at the Centre”.

Chief Ogbonnaya bemoaned the fact that the current system encourages lethargy and complacency with states trooping to Abuja monthly for federal allocation without producing anything, almost like parasites.

“We need to do away with this economic dependency on the centre. Each region should grow and manage their resources. After all, it is said that there should be no food for the lazy man, “he insisted.

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Chief Ogbonnaya said he was in total support of the policies of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu, including the changing of the national anthem because they were geared towards the economic and political emancipation of Nigeria.

He regretted that some Igbos, for inexplicable reasons, appear not to understand the political dynamics in the country.

He counselled such people to offer President Tinubu their unquantified support as his policies completely align with the desire of the southeast to be free from oppression and marginalization.

According to him, “it is time for Ndigbo to wake from our slumber. Our counterparts are consulting among themselves. We should do likewise. We should support Tinubu because the road he is pointing at, is where we should follow. “

Chief Ogbonnaya noted that when President Tinubu signs the South East Development Commission Bill into law , it would go a long way to assuage the numerous agitations of Ndigbo since it would usher in development in the area.

He, however, appealed to President Tinubu to magnanimouly release Nnamdi Kanu from prison as a sign of his genuine goodwill to Ndigbo.

“The unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu is another important action by Mr President that will assuage Igbo people and open up the economy of the entire South East,” the elder Statesman submitted.