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Governor Alex Otti Reverses Command Promotions for Civil Servants from 2015 to 2023



In a bid to restore seniority and integrity within the Abia State civil service, Governor Alex Otti has ordered the reversal of all command promotions granted between 2015 and April 2023. This move aims to rectify past discrepancies and ensure a merit-based promotion system.

In a decisive move to restore order and proper hierarchy within the Abia State civil service, Governor Alex Otti has directed the reversal of all command promotions granted to civil servants between 2015 and April 2023. This directive was conveyed by the Head of Service, Dr. Ngozi Obioma, during a recent press briefing.

According to Dr. Obioma, the Governor’s directive is aimed at rectifying the discrepancies in the civil service structure that have accumulated over the years. “The reversal of these promotions is aimed at restoring normalcy and seniority in the service, as well as preserving the sanctity of the service which have been eroded over time,” she stated.

The command promotions, which were granted outside the regular promotion cycle, have been a source of controversy and discontent among civil servants. Many employees argued that these promotions disrupted the established order of seniority and merit-based advancement, leading to a demoralized workforce.

Governor Otti’s administration has taken a strong stance on ensuring that the principles of meritocracy and fairness are upheld within the civil service. This move is part of a broader agenda to overhaul the public sector and improve efficiency and morale among state employees.

Dr. Obioma further explained that a comprehensive review of the promotion processes will be undertaken to ensure that future advancements are transparent and based on merit. “We are committed to building a civil service where promotions are earned through hard work and dedication, and not through shortcuts,” she added.

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The reversal of the command promotions is expected to affect numerous civil servants who had benefited from these accelerated advancements. While some may view this decision as a setback, the state government believes it is a necessary step to correct past anomalies and ensure a more equitable system.

Governor Otti’s directive has been met with mixed reactions. Some civil servants have expressed support for the move, believing it will help restore fairness and integrity in the promotion process. Others, however, are concerned about the immediate impact on their careers and the potential for demotivation among those affected.

The state government has assured that the process will be handled with sensitivity and fairness, and that affected individuals will be given clear guidelines on the way forward.