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ten-yer-old boy chokes grandmother to death in China



A ten-yer-old boy has been arrested for choking his grandmother to death.

This happened Wednesday last week in the city of Zhaodong in Heilongjiang, China.

A video shared online showed the boy holding the elderly woman in headlock chokehold for almost two minutes until the woman became motionless.

The boy was reportedly egged on by his friends to kill his grandmother way before the incident occurred.

The video, which went viral, captured the grandmother hitting the boy before he punched her in the chest and got his arms around her neck.

Pushing the woman down to the ground, the boy held her in chokehold position as someone in the room (videoing the crime) could be heard laughing and egging him on.

As the boy continued to pummel her, the grandmother kicked and wriggled but he held her firmly.

As the boy kept strangling his grandmother, he kept shouting:

“You always hit me, say I’m unreasonable, hit me, who’s the unreasonable one now?”

Even when it was obvious the woman had stopped breathing, her grandson continued to choke her until his friend behind the camera began to ask him to let her go.

“Get up, you crushed grandma to death, don’t press it,” the person said. ”She won’t hit you anymore, let go quickly.”

Local reports say the boy was under the care of his grandmother because his parents work outside the country.

Police arrested the boy and three of his friends in connection with the murder.

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