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Presidential Poll: People like me have given up hope on Nigeria – Pete Edochie



Legendary actor Pete Edochie has taken a swipe at the outcome of the just concluded presidential election in the country, saying “people like him have given up on Nigeria.”
Edochie said this while commenting on the outcome of the presidential poll of March 25.
In a chat with our reporter, Ebubedike who celebrated his 76th birthday anniversary during the week, said that Nigeria has come to a point where the old horses should give way for the new breed of politicians to take over the reins of power.

He lamented a situation, where the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC promised to transmit the results of the presidential election electronically, only for the electoral umpire to turn around and do the opposite.
His words: “ We are not serious about elections in this country. We had an election in 1993, and it was judged the best election we have had in this country. You can’t joke with the movement of the people. When a revolution starts , you can’t stop it. In 1781 when we had the French revolution, it was like that. We can’t keep recycling septuagenarians, octogenarians and people whose reasoning faculties are waning in government.
“As far as I am concerned, what I saw during the presidential poll, we are not prepared for elections. We are still doing selection. Between 1993 till now, how many years, yet we are still doing all these nonsense.
“INEC promised to transmit the results of the poll electronically. And when it was time to do so, the electoral umpire disappointed Nigerians. People like us have given up on the country completely. Before we can get it right in our electoral system it will be difficult,” Edochie bemoaned

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