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Those are bare faced lies – Abia Finance Commissioner Akpara debunks alleged N10m monthly take-home pay by Government Appointees



Abia State Commissioner for Finance Mr. Mike Akpara has debunked a widely circulated claim on social media platforms that he earns Ten million naira monthly from the government.

In a widely circulated Facebook post last week, it was alleged that the Abia Finance Commissioner takes home over 10 million naira monthly which includes an alleged 5 million naira monthly allowance, 1.5m FAAC allowance, 3.2m paid to all the Commissioners in the state amongst other claims.

Reacting to the unsubstantiated claims while speaking as a Guest on Family Love FM’s program Open Parliament, monitored by Dailytrailnews, Mr Akpara described the report as spurious and outright lies, stressing that people just bandy around figures without giving explanations of what they represent.

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Further addressing the controversy that trailed his response to questions on air while on the radio program on the allegation of taking home 10 million naira monthly, the Finance Commissioner after the State Executive Council meeting presided over by Governor Alex Otti at Government House Umuahia categorically stated that he was quoted out of context as he further threw clarifications on the matter.

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